• Poldark comes to Charlestown

    Poldark comes to Charlestown

  • How good are you at steering your boat?

  • John Lethbridge’s wooden diving ‘barrel’

  • Climb aboard our lifeboat

  • This unique and interesting collection which has taken many years to collate

    Titanic a unique and interesting collection which has taken many years to collate

  • Ross Poldark

  • RMS Titanic

“I Spy Trail”

This quiz has been designed to keep children interested and make your visit more fun!








Blackbeard sez " Can you I Spy like I can ?

If you get them all right you'll get a little prize.

Good luck boys and Gals.


Model Harbour & Lifeboat (Outdoor displays)

I spy something orange & blue….. She was named after the late Mrs Amelia Borland…. How many lives did she save?

Hint: Look in the wheelhouse.


I spy something that looks a bit like a spaceman….. What is it?

Answer --


Walk through the tunnel…. Look down by your feet…. I spy something that looks like railway lines. What are they and what were they used for?

Answer --

Viewing Gallery

Can you spot these places from the gallery?

The harbour, lock gates (footbridge), square-rigged ships.

I spy the shute they used to load the china clay onto the ships….. Where is it?

Answer –

Through the tunnel again and up the stairs..

I spy a large gun…. Can you name the famous ship that you might find a gun like this on?

Answer --

Life in Charlestown Road

I spy a Victorian Cornish cottage…. What Cornish food can you spot in the kitchen?

Answer --

I spy a blacksmith busy at work…. How did he bend and cut the metals to make shapes?

Answer --

I spy a cooper busy at work…. What do coopers make?

Answer --

I spy , in the Gas Exhibit , the name of the man who was the first man to use gas lighting in a house in the Uk…. Who was he?

Answer –

Ships Bridge

I spy some deadeyes…. Can you work out what they were used for?

Hint: Round thick wooden disc with one or more holes through it.

Answer --

I spy a bell – this one is not used for ringing…. What was it used for?

Hint: Look up!

Answer --

I spy the Morse code…. Can you spell your name in Morse code? You can also send an S 0 S to other device around the corner…. Listen carefully.

Answer --

Sea Rescue

I spy a “breeches buoy”…. How did it get its name?

Answer --

I spy emergency supplies pod…. Can you spot it?

Answer --

Diving Collection

I spy a wooden barrel….. Can you work out what it was used for?

Answer --

Walk on ahead… Did you spot the minerals on your left…. Now look to your left….


I spy , treasures that were lost when RMS Medina sunk…. Who did they belong to?

Answer --

Now walk around the corner…..

I spy a barrel of coins…. These coins came from the wreck of Admiral Gardner…. What were they used for?

Answer --

I spy some large brick-shaped objects made of coal…. What were they used for?

Hint: Look behind you!

Answer --

Walk on…..

I spy a famous shipwreck that hit an iceberg? What was its name and can you spot the picture of the captain?

Answer --

Go to your left….

Har! Har! I spy a pirate…. I spy the letter ‘M'…. Who wore these bracelets and what were they called?

Answer --

Straight down the bottom…..

I spy a model of a Royal Yacht? Can you name some of the important people who might have sailed on it?

Answer --

Go round the corner….

HMS Victory

I spy a model of HMS Victory, next to it are some copper nails…. These were found on a wreck of an Admiralty Store Ship…. What were they going to use them for?

Answer --

Walk down to your right….

English “Man O' War”

Push the button . I spy a model ship. Can you see where they cook their dinners?

Answer --

Look to your right….

I spy Henry VIII's flagship…. What was it's name?

Answer --

Now go round the corner and look to your left….

I spy a model of one of the East Indiamen ships…. What type of cargo did they fetch back?

Answer --

Go round the corner again and look to your left…..

I spy a model of a steam engine. Press the button and see how it works. Can you think what this was used for?

Answer –


This brings us to the end of our ‘I Spy Trail'…

Blackbeard hopes you had fun!