• Poldark comes to Charlestown

    Poldark comes to Charlestown

  • How good are you at steering your boat?

  • John Lethbridge’s wooden diving ‘barrel’

  • Climb aboard our lifeboat

  • This unique and interesting collection which has taken many years to collate

    Titanic a unique and interesting collection which has taken many years to collate

  • Ross Poldark

  • RMS Titanic


Films and Pilot gigs.


Many film productions have been made in Charlestown. With its harbour still working and the heritage the port holds, it makes a perfect setting for many period and costume dramas, war sagas and love stories. The grade II listed harbour has long wharves and high walls making it particularly suited for dressing as a backdrop for films old and new. The view out to sea from the harbour, is unspoilt so there is no need for concern regarding heavy traffic.

Charlestown and its surrounding area have been used for the making of many dramas including:

Moll Flanders
The Eagle has Landed
Frenchman's Creek
The Onedin Line
Mansfield Park
A Respectable Trade
Return to Treasure Island
Shackleton's Endurance
The Three Musketeers
...and many more.




Pilot Gigs

The Maria Assumpta was the oldest working square rigger - shown right in 1991. Unfortunately shortly afterwords, it ran aground off Padstow and was completely wrecked.

In the foreground you will note the Charlestown Pilot Gig ‘Mystery'. These gigs were originally used as pilot boats and would race from the harbour, as the first to reach the sail ships would win the right to pilot them into the harbour.

They are now used for leisure and are raced regularly during the summer months all over Cornwall in one of the counties most popular sports.